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Greetings Welch residents and school supporters,

Thank you for the opportunity to share my knowledge of art with your children as a teacher in the Welch Public School System.  I hope that when my students graduate from High School they will have increased in both their artistic skills and knowledge.  We have many talented art students among our student body.   

The art curriculum is very diverse and project rich.  We study historical art, art mediums, art styles, graphic arts as well as three-dimensional arts and multi-cultural arts.   As with any subject some projects are easy while others are difficult, some are fun and some, well, not so much.  All lessons are designed to serve a learning purpose and to enrich student knowledge and abilities.  I  appreciate your continued help and support through homework checks and Parent-teacher conferences.  Hopefully together we will help them to create a portfolio of scholarship worthy materials.  We are very fortunate here at Welch to have all the equipment available to us in our art room.  I have had students come in from larger schools who had never been exposed to a pottery wheel, a screen printer, or airbrushes!  We are indeed very blessed by having a community of supporters!

Please feel free to contact me through the email system with any concerns you may have.  I will always do my best to provide your children with the best possible education in both the fine and graphic arts.